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By Linda Riebel


Political satire at its best! One hundred and one limericks that spoof the candidates, the process, and especially the finalists in the 2016 presidential election. Composed by four sharp-eyed observers and based on unusual words selected by Anu Garg, founder of Wordsmith.Org, the limericks will make you laugh, cheer, nod in agreement, and vow to remain awake during the next four years. Original cover art and 5 cartoons. Ideal gift for the shocked, the disappointed, the humor-lovers, and political junkies everywhere.

If you like satire, you’ll enjoy 101 limericks, like this one:

The toes of the church ladies curled
At the prayer that the Donald unfurled.
“O Lord, please endow us
With sexual prowess
Sufficient to screw the whole world.”


More Than Human, by Tim Flach