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The Green Foodprint


The Green Foodprint (website)

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2013 Nautilus Book Award Recipient, Silver Award

Millions of citizens want to reduce their “food footprint,” but face perplexing decisions: omnivore or vegetarian? organic or conventional? local or global?  The Green Foodprint is a concise, practical, hopeful guide through the exciting new food world.

The Green Foodprint is a unique, succinct, practical, occasionally humorous guide to the burgeoning world of healthful, sustainable food. Inspiring facts and stories show how anyone (omnivore, vegetarian, other) can make choices, tailored to one’s lifestyle, that support people and planet. Highly recommended by experts in food, environment, and health. Foreword by John Robbins.

You’ll find answers to these questions (and more):

  •     What are the 5 guidelines that make my food choices sustainable?
  •     What one activity produces the most positive results?
  •     How do I know if something is truly organic?
  •     How do I respond to conflicting evidence and debates?
  •     Can I really hold a green wedding?

You’ll read about:

  •      The mom who influenced 902 people to make an earth-saving decision.
  •      The wine detective who is saving endangered grapes.
  •      The cell phone service that helps you find sustainable fish.
  •      The town that was saved by food.
  •      The columnist and his friendly little “guilt extinguishers.”

What about time and money?

  •      How to find earth-friendly food if I have more time than money.
  •      What to do if I have more money than time.
  •      What to do if I don’t have enough of either!

About the author





Linda Riebel, April 21, 2013 Lafayette CA Earth Day Festival


Linda Riebel, psychologist and environmental educator, has published professional and popular works in addition to The Green Foodprint. As a faculty member at Saybrook University in San Francisco, she helped create the environmental studies program and teaches several of its courses. She serves on the boards of Sustainable Lafayette and SaveNature.Org, where she created Edible EdVentures, a program that brings the message of earth-friendly eating to classrooms around the San Francisco Bay Area.


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