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The Lie-Catcher

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The Lie-Catcher in the Primate House
Author Lindsay Crane

2013 Nautilus Book Award Recipient, Silver Award

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The novel

The Lie-Catcher in the Primate House is a thriller about stopping the trafficking of endangered animals. The heroine is an expert in detecting human deception who tracks a smuggling ring from Africa to the U.S. The Lie-Catcher in the Primate House involves true-life crime, exotic locations, and a unique supporting character. These elements are woven together to tell a story that is at once exciting and serious about a real threat to the world. Even more remarkable, one of the characters is the Ugandan warlord who has recently been in the news.

The story
Julie Heidebrecht has helped the police solve a few cases, an extracurricular activity which would surprise her university colleagues. But now she’s been drawn into a new world of international intrigue, where endangered animals are trafficked across borders by ruthless criminals. Who are the buyers? What will the smugglers do to anyone who interferes with their billion-dollar trade? And now another, unexpected danger awaits her in Africa…..

The author
Lindsay Crane has advanced degrees in human psychology and many years of experience rescuing native wildlife and helping save the habitats of endangered species around the world. She has traveled widely to biodiversity hotspots, including Uganda, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, the Galapagos, and South Africa. This is her first novel.

Meet the heroine
I didn’t set out to hobnob with hairy apes. Well, some of my previous boyfriends might count. But I got roped into helping some federal agents track down animal smugglers, using my professional expertise in reading human deception signals. It was supposed to be just a quick summer side job, better than doing research, and not too stressful. Well, that’s what I thought at the time.


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